Sunday, October 24, 2010

My dream is get a yacht, for ocean.

Me: You answered box is to storage as hat is to head. What was your sentence?
Student: You put storage in a box like . . .
Me: You put a head into a hat? It's not quite the same.
Student: No.
Me: How about a box is used for storage . . .
Student: As a boat is used for ocean. That's the answer!
Me: Really? Like, why did you buy that boat? Oh, you know, for ocean.
Student: Ok, that's not it.
Me: What are you doing this weekend? Oh, my friends and I rented a boat for ocean.
Student: The answer is C, car is used for transportation.
Me: What is your greatest passion? I have a passion for ocean.
Student: I get it.
Me: Ok. The next one is ridicule is to tease . . .

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