Tuesday, October 12, 2010

But how does she feel about Post-its?

Me: Ambivalent means unsure. What would your sentence be?
Student: I am ambivalent what time the game is tomorrow.
Me: No, it is more about feelings. Like, I'm ambivalent about the movie. The trailers are bad, but the reviews are good, so I'm unsure about it.
Student: I am ambivalent when the baby is going to be due.
Me: Try again.
Student: I am ambivalent if my brother likes the movie.
Me: It's more about your feelings.
Student: I'm ambivalent about glue.
Me: Glue?
Student: Yes, glue. It's good because it makes stuff sticky but it gets all over the place. I'm unsure about it.
Me: Ok, yes. You are ambivalent about glue.

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