Monday, March 14, 2011

Physically Challenged 5

Me: What is this? Is that a 5 or a - 5?
Student: Kyyyy! Isn't that obvious? The answer is clearly 5. It's just slanting all the way so it looks messed up 5.
Me: Really? Cuz it looks like you wrote - 5.
Student: Obviously, I got it right.
Me: How about this one? You wrote - 18.
Student: . . . Oh. No, no, no. The answer is - 22. Are you blind, Ky? I clearly wrote - 22.
[erases old answer and writes new answer]
Me: That was a really terrible 22. It looked like an 18.
Student: I almost tried that on my teacher today.
Me: That would be a bad idea.
Student: Yeah.

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