Monday, November 1, 2010

1/2 (v+u) = there is a limit to my knowledge.

Student: I have Physics homework.
Me: Oh. That's the one subject I can't do. I can get you a Physics tutor.
Student: No. Can't you learn it like you learned Algebra II for me.
Me: No, I relearned Algebra II. That's different. I never took Physics.
Student: You'll just look at the chapter and be fine.
Me: Ok, fine. So problem number 1. Hm . . . How long does it take an object to accelerate . . What is acceleration?
Student: . . .
Me: Oh, here it is. The first bolded term in chapter 1.
Student: . . .
Me: So the formula you would have to use . . .
Student: Can I get a Physics tutor?
Me: Yes.

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  1. You are a brilliant mastermind at bringing the youth around to your point of view. Bravo.