Monday, February 21, 2011

I was going to say Democratic-Republican, but that works.

Me: So you remember the difference between Jefferson and Hamilton? We talked about it last week.
Student: Yes, Hamilton was a . . . Federalist?
Me: Yup. And he promoted a strong federal government, while Jefferson was for state's rights. But then he did that Louisiana Purchase thing which was against his ideals as . . . what was it that he was?
Student: An Anti-Federalist?
Me: Right, but there is a word.
Student: Hypocrite?


  1. For all the good he did, Jefferson was a hobag. Upon his death, he freed two slaves who were the children of Sally Hemmings and himself. How very noble. Yet, in a strange twist of fate, he chose to leave Sally behind in captivity, only to become enslaved by an unknown new master. Even if they had a severe falling out, is there any justification for consigning her to such a fate?

  2. My legs I don’t fancy
    And my eyes confound
    Yet I travel far
    Through the deep blue sky